UV light Treatments in Central KYUV light treatments in Central Kentucky can help your HVAC system better handle microbes and mold that may otherwise grow in your A/C unit. This treatment is also able to increase the energy efficiency of your system.

The History Of UV Lights In HVAC Systems

Beginning in the mid 1980’s, buildings owners began realizing how important indoor air quality is. Buildings and offices were declared unclean. In an effort to tackle the problem, it was discovered that HVAC systems and the coil around the condenser in your A/C could develop a microbe build-up that will not only causes a contaminated air supply but also causes your system to run less efficient. Since 1903, UV light has been used to kill TB and other bacteria and fungi. Today UV lights are used to kill a wide range of germs.  Once they began using UV lights in HVAC systems, the problems were solved.

2 Types of UV Light Treatments

UV Coil Systems

UV Lights are placed right next to the coils near your condenser. Microbes that adhere there use a sticky film called biofilm to attach to the coil. This biofilm can become thick enough to create a twofold problem in your system. One, is a higher airflow velocity which makes your system work harder by slowing the heat transfer down. The second is more moisture and microbes in the air and less or no water in the condenser pan.   By placing a UV light directly by the coil, the microbes are killed and the biofilm is eliminated. This can increase the efficiency of the unit by up to 40% and allow better heat transfer.

UV In-duct Systems

The other type system targets moisture that forms on the filtration system or in the ducts. Once air passes through the condenser coil, if a biofilm is there, it will cause more moisture to pass through carrying the germs and fungi. Once inside the filter will become moist and cause growth to occur. If a UV light is placed here, most microbes will be killed. Problems with this site involve the time that the microbes are stagnant. If the microbes pass through the ducts too quickly, they don’t have time for the UV lights to work. Using a higher UV light concentration at this level helps. Larger microbes and Fungi can also be trapped in filters to ensure they are under the lights long enough.

UV Light Treatments in Central KY

UV light treatments are becoming more popular because they kill germs and create a more clean environment and because they increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Buildings whether commercial or residential will see a benefit from using UV Light Treatments in Central KY. ADA Heating and Air have experience and the expertise to install your UV Lights so that you can get the most life from your A/C unit and also keep your air quality at it’s best. This is a great solution for homes where air quality is necessary for medical reasons. If you have questions about UV Light Treatments in Central KY or need to see about installing a UV Coil System or UV In-duct system, call your HVAC contractor in Central KY, ADA Heating and Air.

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