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Installation and Repair Services

Trust the experts at ADA Heating & Air in Central Kentucky to provide the services you need to assure the comfort you desire in your home or business. We offer American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning product, both of which come with an incredible 10 year warranty.

Our Services on all Brands & Models:

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  • Installation
  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Sales

GEO Thermal Systems

ADA is one of the few HVAC Professionals in central Kentucky with the training and expertise to service or
install these systems.

Comfort Assurance Program

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down on the hottest and coldest days of the year — just when you need them the most! This is because your equipment has to work its hardest on these days.

With our Comfort Assurance Program, you can protect yourself from expensive repairs and even prolong the life of your equipment. ADA repairs hundreds of residential and commercial comfort systems because of maintenance neglect. These repairs can be very costly. Additionally, in order to maintain your warranty, many manufacturers require regular service and maintenance. We recommend twice a year. Have your equipment checked once in the spring for the cooling system and again in the fall for the heating system. Sign up today to protect and preserve your investment!

Home Energy Evaluations

ADA Heating and Air has Certified Professionals on staff who are qualified to perform home energy evaluations. Heating and cooling your home comprises an average of 50% of the energy usage. If you are losing heat or air, that percentage increases significantly.

We can help you to drastically reduce your energy costs by identifying those energy losses and showing you how to capitalize the energy efficiency of your home with our whole home approach to heating and cooling, sealing and insulating, and creating vapor barriers.

We can also perform the work to ensure the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home is at its optimum performance.