Pros of Installing a furnace humidifierThe pros of installing a furnace humidifier may surprise you.  Having more moisture in the air has a variety of benefits to you and your family.  Cold dry air can cause all sorts of problems.  Most homes in the area have indoor relative humidity of 5-10% in the winter. A furnace humidifier can bring the percentage to an optimal 35% relative humidity.  When you install a furnace humidifier to your home, you can begin reaping the benefits of moisture and avoiding some of the conditions dry air causes.

Benefits of a Furnace Humidifier

Prevents Dehydration – Dehydration can cause dry skin, chronic joint and muscle pain, dry throat, tired sore eyes and reduced mental concentration.

Promotes Health – Dry air speeds the growth of some bacteria, viruses and respiratory irritants. Airborne infections and winter colds are often caused by dry air.  Your nose, throat and bronchia need moisture to remain soft.  Your immune system also works better with adequate moisture.   Dehydration can also aggravate respiratory aliments. Having a furnace humidifier is a great benefit for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Protects Wood Furnishings – Moisture in your wood furniture and wood molding will be drawn into the dry air.  This causes the wood to contract resulting in cracks and splits in the surface of the wood.  It can also cause your doors to warp.  Having adequate moisture in the air will prevent this from happening.

Saves Energy – One of the often overlooked pros of installing a furnace humidifier is the money you can save on your heating bill.  You may notice in the summer you feel warmer when the humidity is higher.  This is the same thing that happens when you add humidity to your home.  Raising the humidity level up to 35% can make you feel warmer so you can actually lower your thermostat 5-10 degrees.  This can save you around 10% on your heating bill.  The furnace humidifier is efficient and costs just pennies to run.

How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work

A furnace humidifier is attached to your heating system.  It is designed to maintain indoor relative humidity at 35%.  You can monitor your humidity with a humidistat (similar to a thermostat) that turns the system on when it’s needed.  You an also use an automatic digital control with outdoor sensor.  The humidifier requires heat, water and air movement to run.  The humidifier can use hot, cold, hard or soft water.  Hot water is preferred.  The heat turns the water into vapor and using the air ducts in your home, it moves the moisture throughout your house.  Whenever the humidity level in the home is lower than the desired level, the HVAC system will kick on and the fan will blow the vapor through the system.

Unlike portable humidifiers, a furnace humidifier works for your whole house.  You also don’t have to worry about dumping the water bucket because the furnace humidifier uses your drain system on your A/C unit.  The only maintenance required is to change the filter or water panel once a year.

The Pros of Installing a Furnace Humidifier

As you can see there are pros of installing a furnace humidifier that will benefit you, your family and your home.  Most contractors in the area install a furnace humidifier as a standard option because there are so many benefits.  A humidifier is an important part of the air quality of your home and can keep you healthy.  If you have questions about the pros of installing a furnace humidifier or would like to speak with us about your options in choosing a humidifier, call ADA Heating and Air and we will be happy to help you.

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