Programmable Thermostat Operating GuideImagine living in a home that automatically adjusts the temperature to meet your schedule. With a programmable thermostat, you can now set your thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically depending on the schedule that you set. Programmable thermostats offer more flexibility and options than standard thermostats.  This programmable thermostat operating guide will help you get the most out of your programmable thermostat.

Generally, a programmable thermostat works best by setting the indoor temperature as close to the outdoor temperature for maximum savings. By keeping the temperature set at the energy saving point for at least eight hours, you can increase your available energy savings.

General Programmable thermostat operating Guide

To maximize the benefits gained from your programmable thermostat, there are a few general rules that need to be followed.

First, it is important to set your thermostat at the desired temperature and give it time to cool your house down. Turning the thermostat down to temperatures cooler or warmer than the temperature you want will not cool or heat the home any faster. This only results in excessive cooling or heating, which leads to more expensive bills.

Also, the location of the thermostat can greatly change the efficiency and performance. Thermostats should be located on interior walls far from sunlight, doors, windows, and skylights. Also, furniture should be moved so it does not block air movements around the thermostats. If your home has multiple zones or levels, it can be beneficial and more energy efficient to have multiple thermostats. The multiple, programmable thermostats can control different zones according to different schedules throughout the day.

Finally, although most programmable thermostats have an override option, you should avoid using the override button. The override button overrides the programmed schedule and it uses more energy, and thus creates larger heating and cooling bills. However, override buttons can be useful for vacations or extended periods away from the home.

Types of programmable thermostats

There are many different thermostats available on the market today that allow for varying amounts of programmability, such as:

  • The 7-Day Model works best for homes that have schedules that change from day to day because they offer the most flexibility and can be set to run a different program each day.
  • The 5+2 Model works best for homes that have a one schedule programmed during the week and another program scheduled on the weekends.
  • The 5-1-1 Model works best for homes that have one schedule programmed during the week and separate program schedules for Saturday and Sunday.

Your operating guide for programmable thermostat models will be provided with your unit.

Benefits of programmable thermostats

Setting your thermostat on a schedule to increase or decrease while you are away from home can greatly increase your energy and money savings. On average, programmable thermostats can save 10 percent a year on heating and cooling costs when the temperature is changed by 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day. Some programmable thermostats also have extra settings including multiple setback settings, overrides, or adjustments for daylight savings time.

Limitations of programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats do have some limitations that can hinder their use by homeowners. First, some thermostats can be more difficult to program, which deters homeowners from using it. Also, if the thermostat is used with a heat pump, the air conditioner or furnace can run less efficiently.

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