commercial HVAC systemsCommercial HVAC systems are often designed to accommodate a larger heating and cooling area than a residential unit. They often have to support more people too. When you need a commercial heating and cooling system to do the job, ADA Heating and Air can help you choose the right unit or units for your needs. A Commercial HVAC systems should be designed specifically for your business or have the flexibility to handle multiple units for strip malls and larger malls.

Roof Systems

Many commercial HVAC systems are placed on the roof of the building or rental space. This frees up indoor space for retail and commercial operations. These units are often heavy. That’s why on most commercial businesses you will see multiple units. Not only will multiple units keep the building from collapsing but also they make dividing the heating and air responsibility between tenants easier.

Leased Space

Leaseholders with many tenants will benefit from modular units. They can choose who will be responsible for the heating and cooling unit. When renting the space they can adapt the HVAC needs to the tenant who leases the space. Utilities are a big expense for most businesses and having the ability to only use what you need makes a big difference on the bottom line.

Repairing Commercial HVAC Systems

Small businesses and large alike can have difficulty when they need an extensive commercial HVAC repair. With modular units, each tenant has their own heating and cooling system. If the building belongs to one business, the modular units make the repairs less expensive. Having modular units also means the whole building does not suffer if one of the units quit working.

Commercial HVAC Systems Repair and Maintenance

When it comes to your commercial HVAC system, ADA Heating and Air has the experience to keep your equipment running smoothly. If you are building a new commercial space or refurbishing an older building we can help design the HVAC system you need. We offer commercial HVAC system repair and maintenance for businesses in the Northern Kentucky area if you need HVAC repair please call ADA Heating and Air. You will love the quick response time, our clear estimates and the professional service you receive.

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