buying a new A/C unit this springIs your HVAC contractor an Energy Star Partner?  That may be a question you have never considered.  ADA Heating and Air has many affiliates that help us stay on top of the HVAC industry.  One of those partnerships is with the Energy Star program.  According to the Energy Star website, over 50% of all HVAC installations are done incorrectly.  The result is an inefficient system that doesn’t keep you as cold or hot as you desire and a system that requires more repairs.  As a reputable HVAC contractor in Central Kentucky, we are experienced HVAC specialists.  Every technician on our team is licensed, insured and Nate certified.

Why You Need Proper HVAC Installation

Your new HVAC equipment needs to be installed correctly to function at it’s best.  Improper installation and/or the wrong size equipment can cause your system to cycle on and off.  This lowers the efficiency of the unit and also causes your system to break down sooner.  You’ll have higher utilities and waste more with a unit that has been installed wrong.  The most important reason why you need a proper HVAC installation is because your comfort depends on it.  A house with the right system is comfortable to be in.  The HVAC equipment is less noisy and the air quality is better for everyone.

Energy Star - ADA Heating and AirChoosing An Energy Star HVAC Certified Installation

You can choose to hire a company who is a partner with energy star.  This gives you the comfort of knowing your system has been installed by someone who knows what they are doing and follows industry standards and best practice for every installation.  A third party certification is available through energy star to further guarantee a job well done.  When it comes to your family, who you choose to work on your HVAC system is important.  ADA Heating and Air works hard to maintain a good reputation and goes out of their way to be Nate Certified and an Energy Star partner.

Get Your Free Estimate For HVAC Installation

When you decide to invest in new HVAC equipment like a heating or cooling system, Call ADA Heating and Air for a free estimate.  Our #1 Dealer Status with American Standard allows us to offer the best pricing.  We also have payment plan options to help if you need it.  When it comes to choosing quality HVAC equipment, we can steer you in the right direction.  Besides purchasing the right HVAC equipment, we can also install your HVAC equipment the right way, so you can enjoy a more comfortable home.  Contact Us today! We are the only HVAC contractor in South Central KY that you will ever need.

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