Nicholasville kentucky is a great place to liveNicholasville Kentucky is a great place to live! If you consider how many people have moved into the area over the last 14 years you might come to the conclusion that we’re not the only ones who think so.

Where is Nicholasville Kentucky?

Nicholasville Kentucky is a mid-size city/college town located near Lexington Kentucky. It is 80 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio and 75 miles east of Louisville, KY. It is part of the Bluegrass Region in Jessamine County. The Cost of living in Nicholasville Kentucky is 8% lower than the national average. It is the 7th fastest growing city in Kentucky and was ranked #23 for most competitive private colleges. It is the home of Asbury University and Asbury Seminary.

The Beauty of Nicholasville Kentucky

You won’t find a more beautiful place to live. There are over 16 small parks in the area each offering their own amenities. They are nestled among beautiful neighborhoods throughout Nicholasville. You also have the natural beauty of the Palisades on the Kentucky River. These are limestone cliff formations formed over time by the River. You can view the spectacular cliffs at the High Bridge Park, The Jim Beam Nature Preserve and many other areas throughout the city. Nicholasville is known for its rural beauty and charm. Take a ride down the river on the oldest business in town, the Valley View Ferry.

Things To Do In Nicholasville Kentucky

Nicholasville Kentucky is a great place to live.  It is home to many area businesses both locally owned and franchises. You will find plenty of shopping opportunities and unique boutiques to buy gifts and souvenirs. You can also enjoy the many area restaurants for the cuisine of your choice. The Asbury College Equine Center offers horseback riding trails or go swimming or hiking at the RIney B. Aquatic Center. Nicholasville historical sites include the Old Jessamine County Jail or the Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park. The Kentucky Pro Hall of Fame is the only state hall of fame in the nation and is located in Nicholasville.  For more ideas visit

Why Nicholasville Kentucky is a great place to live

From the beautiful scenery to the historical significance of the city, you won’t find a better place to live and work. ADA Heating and Air is proud to be a part of this thriving community. We love the people who live here and make up the town and all the people who come here to see the various sites. This is our home and we love it. If you are new to the area or thinking of moving here, we hope you will agree Nicholasville Kentucky is a great place to live!

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