why maintenance on your HVAC unit is importantYou may be wondering why maintenance on your HVAC Unit is important. We can give you a few good reasons. Whether you have new heating and cooling equipment still under warranty or an older system, HVAC maintenance can protect you from higher utility bills, costly repairs and it will prolong the life of your HVAC system.

What HVAC Maintenance Does

HVAC maintenance is a service that involves cleaning, oiling, repairing and replacing components of your HVAC system to keep them running efficiently. Throughout the life of your HVAC equipment, you will notice more efficiency, better air quality and fewer repairs when you keep your HVAC equipment well maintained.

Maintaining Efficiency and Reducing Your Utility Bill

As components get dirty and show wear or get misaligned they begin to require more energy to work. This results in more electricity or fuel being used to keep you at the comfortable temperature you’re accustomed to. When these components are cleaned, oiled and repaired they operate more efficiently and reduce the amount of energy it costs to run them. This in turn reduces your utility bill.

Reducing and Eliminating Emergency HVAC Repair

One of the reasons why maintenance on your HVAC unit is important is because you can actually reduce inconvenient and expensive emergency repairs. Most emergency repairs occur on the coldest nights of winter or the hottest days of summer. That’s when your HVAC equipment is working it’s hardest to keep you comfortable. Having a well-maintained HVAC system means you need fewer repairs and in most cases you will avoid repairs during peak times.   Because your HVAC maintenance technician recognizes how your HVAC system is running, they can often fine tune your equipment and detect problems while they are developing instead of after they have caused more damage or expensive repairs.

Warranty Maintenance

Most new HVAC equipment requires regular maintenance by an experienced HVAC technician. This not only keeps your warranty valid but it prolongs the life and efficiency of your HVAC equipment. Your HVAC technician can quickly identify potential faults during maintenance and fix them before they become a bigger issue.

Why Maintenance On Your HVAC Equipment is Important

Having your HVAC equipment running at peak efficiency will ensure you stay comfortable in your home no matter how cold or hot it is outside. You can also enjoy greater air quality when your system is running smoothly too. You can avoid higher utility bills and the inconvenience of waking up to no heat or walking into a hot house. These are just a few of the reasons why maintenance on your HVAC equipment is important. If you have questions or would like to schedule your HVAC maintenance, call ADA Heating and Air today.

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