AC tripping my Circuit BreakerYou may be asking, “why is my AC tripping my circuit breaker?” If you’re constantly resetting your circuit breaker over and over again, you have a problem that needs fixed. Your circuit breaker trips because your AC is drawing more electricity or Amps then the circuit breaker was designed to carry. The breaker trips as a safety so that you won’t ruin your AC or burn your house down. There are a few things that can cause you AC to trip the breaker they include the following:

Circuit Breaker Problems

Why is my AC tripping my circuit breaker? It may be your circuit breaker itself.  Your circuit breaker may need to be rewired if some of the wires are loose. If the breaker is bad, the breaker itself may need to be replaced. AC repairs like this are easy to fix and sometimes require only tightening the wires.

Dirty Filter – Dirty Air Conditioner

If your AC maintenance is overdue, you need to consider having a heating and cooling technician out to service your HVAC system. Many times something as simple as a dirty filter will cause your air conditioner to work harder than it has to. This can sometimes trip your circuit breaker. You can also change the filter yourself, and see if this helps. Dirt and debris can cause the outside unit to quit working properly. Dirt can clog up the system and prevent hot air from escaping, which in turn causes your AC to work harder than it should. Your HVAC technician has the proper cleaning chemicals and the know how to clean your unit and the condenser coils to keep your AC from tripping the breaker if dirt is the problem.

Electrical Shorts in The Motor

If your AC runs for a long time, the motor wires can become hot. Wire insulation can wear away and create a short circuit. The electricity in this case creates a shortcut allowing more electricity to run through the wires. This in turn can cause wires to melt and a potential fire to take place. Your circuit breaker senses the heat and extra electricity being pulled and shuts the system down.

Compressor Problems

Your AC compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. After many hours of use, the compressor begins to age and often has trouble starting. Your AC repairman can often replace the capacitor to allow your compressor to continue starting as usual. If your compressor is older or damaged it may need to be replaced.

Another problem you could have with your compressor is a short to ground. This means a wire in the compressor has broken and is hitting the side of the compressor. This causes sudden current surges, which also trip your circuit breaker. Many times when this happens, your AC technician will need to clean the refrigerant lines and replace the compressor if it cannot be repaired. Sometimes replacing the entire outdoor unit is cheaper than just replacing the compressor depending on whether your unit is under warranty or not.

AC Repair in South Central Kentucky

If you notice a problem with your air conditioner and it involves your circuit breaker, call the experts at ADA Heating and Air. We can help you get your AC up and working before you burn up your unit or start a fire. When you need a HVAC company you can depend on call ADA. We service all of South Central Kentucky including Dansville, Bryantsville, Lancaster, Harrodsburg, Lexington, and the surrounding areas.

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