common boiler problemsNo one expects their boiler to stop working or have issues. But when the unexpected happens you could be without heat or hot water. This is a big problem especially during those chilly winter months. At ADA Heating and Air, we never want you to have to deal with a boiler not working up to its potential. That’s why we want to provide you with the top 10 most common boiler problems you might experience. So if it does happen, you know what to expect.

Common Boiler Problems

1. Leaking and Dripping

There are many reasons why your boiler is leaking or dripping. That’s why it’s best to have one of our professionals determine what’s really going on. It could be due to an internal problem, like a broken pump seal or pressure valve. Or it could also be caused by corrosion around the pipes and tank.

2. Noisy Boiler

A noisy boiler can make for a big headache. This is actually a pretty common problem that people experience. This annoying problem can be caused by something known as “Kettling.”

3. Boiler is Losing Pressure

Your boiler isn’t working up to snuff if the pressure gage falls below 1. According to Boiler Guide, this problem is usually caused by a leak. Or the pressure release valve may need to be replaced.

4. Thermostat Problems

If your thermostat isn’t working like it should, then it might be time for a replacement. Thermostats can stop working over time and can cause problems for your heating system.

5. Pilot Light Goes Out

Most of the time you can fix this problem on your own, but you should check the gas supply before trying to fix it yourself. You can relight the pilot light by yourself. Just make sure you are following the instructions on the boiler manual.

6. Boiler Turns Off

Without a boiler, you won’t have any heat! There are a number of reasons why your boiler turns off by itself. It could be from low water pressure, issues with your thermostat, a frozen pipe or a pump that isn’t working right.

7. Radiators Not Heating

Sometimes air can get stuck in your radiator and cause it not to heat. You can bleed your radiators to solve this problem. It helps get any air that’s trapped in the radiator out.

8. Frozen Condensate Pipe

Condensate pipes are pipes placed underneath your boiler and run outside of your house and into a drain. Since they’re outside, they can freeze if it gets too cold. You can thaw the frozen pipe simply by pouring warm water over it.

9. No Heat or Hot Water

This is definitely a problem that you will notice right when it happens. No one likes a cold shower! It can be caused from many issues, but it’s better to let one of our professionals fix this problem for you to find out the exact cause.

10. Kettling

If your boiler sounds like it is about to make a hot cup of tea, that’s known as kettling. This is a buildup of lime scale on the heat exchanger.

Professional Boiler Repair 

These problems are extremely common and we recommend that if you experience any of them to call one of our professionals to help you out with your boiler repair. We serve the following areas: Danville, Nicholasville, Versailles, Lexington, Harrodsburg, Stanford, Winchester, Lancaster and the surrounding areas.

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