attic ventilationMany people underestimate the need for attic ventilation year round. While summer is the normal time homeowners think about adding an attic fan or other attic ventilation, wintertime is just as an important time to consider air circulation in the attic as well. Winter snow and ice can accumulate on a roof and while your attic may seem like a good place for heat to rise, the real problem is moisture that rises with the heat. Most homes have enough insulation in the rafters to keep heat from accumulating in the attic during cold days. The problem is moisture that can accumulate in the attic. This moisture can become problematic for a variety of reasons.

How Attic Fans Work

Attic fans push the air in your attic out and bring outside air in making them a good source of attic insulation. So in the summer, as the hot air accumulates in the attic a fan will push the hot air out which is beneficial to your air-conditioner and utility bills.

However, that attic fan doesn’t take a break in the winter. It continues to do its job and helps in a different way. Moisture accumulates in the attic from several sources, especially water vapor from normal every day activities. These activities include taking hot showers, laundry, cooking, dishes and blowing your hair dry. The insulation that keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer also traps this moisture in the attic. Unless you have an attic fan to disperse this warm damp air, it hits the colder air outside and condenses. This condensation can cause mold, mildew and it can also compress your insulation making it less effective. If this moisture comes in contact with your wood frame it can cause wood rot and it can leave watermarks on your ceilings or drywall. In the winter, excess moisture can cause freezing conditions on the roof and ice dams.

Installing and Using an Attic Fan is Easy

There are a variety of options for attic fans and attic ventilation. Solar Star attic fans are some of the latest heating and cooling components. They are easy to install for a qualified installer like ADA Heating and Air because they require no electrical wiring. They run on solar power that is collected by wind-resistant solar panels located on the unit. Solar power also means they are incredibly easy on your utility budget. While designed to turn off and on automatically as necessary, they can also be operated with a remote.

Running a fan in the winter may seem counter-intuitive, but it will actually protect your home from damage and you from costly repairs. Call ADA Heating and Air today to learn about attic ventilation and how you can protect your home during the winter.

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