air conditioner is brokenLiving without air conditioning isn’t very comfortable in Central Kentucky during the summer. If you need air conditioner repairs, you may find yourself without air for a while until you are ready to get the repair made. ADA Heating and Air is available when you’re ready for repairs to your air conditioner. We service all types of air conditioners and cooling systems and we also offer emergency A/C repairs when needed. Convenient financing means you can install an air conditioning system without waiting for funds. While you’re without air, here are a few ways to stay cool:

Keep Your Shades Drawn

Keeping your window shades closed will prevent the summer sun from heating up your house. This is a great option during the day. Many times you only need to close windows that are directly affected by the sun. At night, open the shades and the windows to allow cool night air to replace some of the warmer air inside.

Run Portable Fans

Portable fans do not cool the air the way air conditioners do, but they stir up the air to provide cooling relief. You can also try putting a bucket of ice in front of the fan to cool the temperature down. This will help during a scorching day.  Remember if you have ceiling fans running, they should be used in the counter-clockwise position so they draw the heat up as they circulate the air.

Lower Your Body Temperature Down

A frozen or cold towel around your neck will lower your body temperature down just a little. This is a great way to cool off. Frozen ice packs will also work but may not be as comfortable. You can also cool down your temperature with icy cold drinks. Sweet drinks like ice-cold tea works better than ice water.  Wearing the right clothing will also help.   Cotton and thin material is your best choice.

Keep The House Cool

Finally, don’t heat up the house with things like the oven or stove. This is a great time to use the grill or make sandwiches.  If you’re really hot, going out to eat will get you out of the heat for a few hours.

Keeping Cool When Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

When you want to stay cool, the best thing you can do is call ADA Heating and Air. We will arrive quickly and get your air conditioning working again. Our technicians are Nate certified, and we are licensed and insured. If you have questions about air conditioning repairs in DanvilleNicholasville, Versailles, Lancaster, Winchester, Harrodsburg, Stanford, Lexington and the surrounding areas call the experts at ADA Heating and Air. Don’t let the heat get you down!

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