how do i know when to replace my furnaceIf you have lived in your house for decades or you recently purchased an older home, you may be wondering, “How do I know when to replace my furnace?”  Maybe you have been noticing your heating bill going up and you’ve been considering replacing your furnace.  We understand as a homeowner, you want to get all the use out of your old furnace as possible before you purchase a new furnace.  Here are a few indications it may be time to replace your furnace:

The Age Of Your Furnace

If your heat pump or air conditioner is older than 10 years it is probably a good idea to replace it.  If you have a furnace or boiler and it is older than 15 years then it likely needs replaced.  Although these are estimates you will find your furnace will last longer if you or the previous owner have kept up with routine HVAC maintenance.  One of the advantages of HVAC maintenance is that it prolongs the life of your furnace and HVAC system.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

If you are calling your HVAC repairman more often then it is probably time to consider replacing the HVAC unit.  Your HVAC repairman can help you determine if the problems are a coincidence or if the unit is failing because it has reached the end of it’s lifespan.  If you’re asking “How do I know when to replace my furnace?” ask your HVAC Repairman.

High Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bills going up, it may be time to find out what the cause is.  Energy Star has a Home Energy Yardstick to help you determine your energy consumption and how it compares to other homes.  You may notice that your furnace is not heating your house consistently or that some rooms are warmer than others.  This could be due to faulty equipment, problems with ductwork or inadequate insulation.

How Do I Know When To Replace My Furnace?

There are many indications that let you know it’s time to replace your furnace.  You will find a new furnace will often perform better with less energy consumption.  This can save you money over the life of your new furnace.  Your HVAC company can help you determine the cause of problems with your HVAC system.  Humidity problems, dust and duct leaks can adversely affect the way your system operates.  If you have questions about the right time to replace your heating system, call ADA Heating and Air and we will be happy to help.  We also offer convenient financing if you need it.

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