household tips for staying warm this winterOur household tips for staying warm this winter will actually help you not only stay more comfortable but keep your utility bills down too.  We understand not all homes are insulated well and not everyone has central heat.  That said, here are a few ways to stay warm:

Portable Heaters

You may think portable heaters cost a lot of money.  According to the Department of Energy, portable heaters and cooling devices account for the largest percentage of your utilities.  They might make sense however if your home isn’t insulated well and you don’t plan on heating the entire house at once.  You can avoid keeping your main heater running as much by using a portable heater when you plan on being in the same room with the rest of your family.  Make sure you use your portable heater wisely by keeping a 3 foot clearing around the heater.  Don’t use an extension cord either.  It is also important to remember to keep your main heater on a low setting. Don’t turn your main heater completely off unless you are sure the weather is mild outside.  Freezing pipes can be quite expensive and cause all kinds of damage.

Fire Places

Fire places are better used to keep you cozy. They really were never meant to heat your entire house.  If you have a fireplace, use it on nights when you feel like enjoying the ambiance it brings to your home.  Make sure you keep the flue closed at other times to avoid the heat escaping up the chimney.

Water Heaters

Water heaters, according to the Department of Energy are the next biggest percentage of your utility bill.  You can save some by having a new water heater installed.  Keep the thermostat on your water heater at 120 degrees.  If your water heater is in a basement or other area that is cooler, wrap a warm blanket around it to keep the water warmer longer.

Programmable Thermostats

Most programmable thermostats are relatively inexpensive. They allow you to program when you want to lower your thermostat setting.  This is a convenient way to keep your home at a cooler setting when you are gone or while you’re sleeping.  Remember turning off your heater when it’s freezing outside is never a good idea.

Household Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

Where warm clothes and don’t forget the socks.  Not everyone has a radiant floor heater installed.  Cold floors could be an indication you need your heater repaired or need to weatherize your home.  You may want to add warmer blankets to your bedroom and keep throws close to the couch.  Don’t forget heavy drapery and cellular shades are designed to keep the heat in and prevent it from escaping out your windows.  Keep your window treatments closed during cooler times and at night and open them up on warm sunny days.  Your ceiling fan is also designed to keep you warm in winter.  Switch the blades so they rotate clockwise and force the air down.  Run them on low setting during the winter.  If you have questions about household tips for staying warm this winter or you need to discuss your heating system, call ADA Heating and Air today.


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