As the winter season has now arrived, adding insulation to your home or business may become a top priority for you. Adding insulation to your home can make a significant difference especially during these cold months. It has the ability to increase your comfort, while reducing your energy bills! But, what areas actually make a difference? ADA Heating & Air servicing Danville, Nicholasville, Versailles, Lexington, Harrodsburg, Stanford, Winchester, Lancaster and the surrounding areas offers advice as to how to decide if you need to add insulation and which areas should take priority in insulating for these winter months.

Should you Add Insulation?

When determining if adding extra insulation in your home will make a difference during these winter months, you first need to figure out how much insulation you already have and where it is located in your home. There’s various ways of determining this such as a home energy audit. You might want to first inspect places such as your attic, walls, garage, or basement. These places in your home usually have structural elements that are exposed which allows you to determine what type of insulation you might have and how much of it you have.

Areas to Focus on Insulating

  • Attics– This space needs to be prioritized when deciding where to place insulation in your home as they are the most common area for inside heat to escape outside. The most common types of insulation for this space is either loose-fill or batt insulation. Loose-fill is often cheaper and more effective.
  • Cathedral Ceilings– These ceilings need to take priority and insulation will keep them as close to room temperature as possible. This allows for the rest of the house to maintain an even temperature.
  • Exterior Walls– Your exterior walls need to be addressed, especially if you have an older home as these usually have little or no insulation.  Consider using insulation such as blow-in insulation to create an air seal. This will assist in keeping your inside air from escaping outside.

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