air conditioner repairs in Stanford KentuckyLooking for air conditioner repairs in Stanford Kentucky, ADA Heating and Air can help. As the temperatures begin to soar this season, you know how important your cooling system is. Having your air conditioner go out in your home can create all kinds of problems, discomfort and misery. Just imagine a hot summer day when the air is barely moving and you have no air conditioning to cool the existing air down. If you find yourself in that position, call ADA Heating and Air for help!

Trustworthy Technicians

You’ll find the staff of ADA has experience in fixing and repairing all models and makes of air conditioners and HVAC systems. Our Nate certified technicians are dedicated to providing reliable service and offering you quick, affordable repairs. You can count on reliable estimates and overall satisfaction. Our technicians have background checks and are insured to ensure you don’t have to worry about who is coming to your home.

Fast, Friendly Service

It isn’t any secret that air conditioners seem to go out on the hottest days. As temperatures rise, your air conditioner begins running and the hotter it is, the more it needs to operate to keep up with cooling the air. Extra hot days place more stress on your A/C unit. That doesn’t mean your air conditioner can’t handle hot days, it just means that is the most likely time a problem will occur. When you find yourself needing emergency A/C repairs in Stanford or the surrounding areas, you can depend on service from ADA. Knowing you can trust your A/C repairman to get the job done quickly so your not suffering from the heat and that you can rely on them to be trustworthy and dependable makes a huge difference.

Air Conditioner Repairs In Stanford Kentucky

No matter what type of service you need, we can help. We can help with refrigerant, broken components and a host of other problems. If you have no air, warm air or need help getting your A/C to completely cool all the rooms, we can help. ADA Heating and Air Proudly Serves All of Central Kentucky, Including: DanvilleNicholasville, Versailles, Lancaster, Winchester, Harrodsburg, Stanford, Lexington and the surrounding areas.

About ADA Heating and Air

Ada is a locally owned, family run heating and air company in Central Kentucky. We work hard to give each customer complete attention and provide excellent service. We have been serving customers in Stanford and the surrounding areas since 1984. If you need fast, reliable air conditioning repair, call the experts at ADA today!

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