can a flood damage my HVAC unitWill a flood hurt your HVAC equipment? That’s a good question. Weather forecasters are predicting a fairly dry spring and summer for 2016. That said, you never know when a heavy downfall will cause flooding in your yard. Hopefully your HVAC contractor took that into consideration when they installed your unit. Extra care should be made to raise the unit up enough that there really shouldn’t be a problem unless a flood warning is in effect. Then the only thing that might help is placing sand bags around the unit.  If you are in a flood that is over a foot deep, chances are you will need to replace your HVAC equipment.  Smaller floods do not cause that much damage and often the unit can be repaired.  Here is what you can expect if a flood occurs.

Outdoor Condensing Units

If you have an outdoor condensing unit or a package unit, your system is designed to handle wet conditions and heavy rainfall. After all it is located outside often with no cover. The system itself is made of aluminum, steel and copper. Inside are electrical connections and computer boards. As you can imagine the electrical components cannot tolerate wet conditions. If water is rising and gets to the height of the electronics inside, chances are you’ll need to replace these before your unit will operate again. Just remember repairs to your HVAC system may only require installing a new circuit board. Make sure you get a quote or 2 before you begin repairs as some contractors will take advantage of the hardships of someone in a flood condition.  If the entire unit is under water, then once again this is a different scenario and requires replacement instead of repairs.

Gas HVAC Units

Unfortunately those who have gas units are often faced with a total loss or major repairs. The gas burners and heat exchanger in a gas unit is often close to ground level. This causes damage almost immediately after the water starts to rise.  Gas units are more susceptible to water damage and it doesn’t require as much flooding to cause the same amount of damage.

Ductwork and Flood Damage

After a flood, you should not only be asking, “Can a flood damage my HVAC unit?” but also will it affect my ductwork?Most ductwork that is in a flood condition can be salvaged. If there were no leaks then the water shouldn’t be inside the ducts. You should have your ductwork examined after a flood to make sure no damage has occurred. A small amount of water in the ductwork can create mold and cause your air quality to be poor.  In massive flood conditions the duct work is often unsalvageable and will be contaminated.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My HVAC Repairs?

If you are having HVAC repairs because of flooding, chances are you will not get help with repairs. It largely depends on your specific policy and where you live. You can contact your insurance agent to find out exactly what you’re insurance covers.

Can A Flood Damage My HVAC Unit?

If you are the victim of a flood, we can help with HVAC repairs and/or replacement. ADA Heating and Air provide repair service to Danville, Lexington, and the surrounding Central Kentucky areas. If you have questions, need an estimate or would like someone to come out and assess your damage, contact us today.

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