benefits of hybrid heat pump systemsWhat are the benefits of hybrid heat pump systems? You may hear about hybrid heating systems when you begin looking into replacing your heating and cooling system. It is the most cost effective and energy efficient system available. If you are looking for a modern solution to your heating and cooling needs, hybrid heating systems may be just what you’re looking for. Hybrid heating systems monitor the temperature and choose the most energy efficient way to heat and cool your home.

How Hybrid Heat Pump Systems work

Typical HVAC systems use a heating furnace with an air conditioning unit. A hybrid heat pump system exchanges the AC unit for a heat pump. In warm weather, the heat pump will cool the home in place of the AC unit. In colder weather, the heat pump will warm the home. The hybrid heating system monitors the temperature and adjusts the energy use. At certain temperatures, the hybrid heating system will switch to furnace mode. This will produce maximum energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.  These are the greatest benefits of hybrid heat pump systems.

Determining Your Energy Savings

To determine the savings you could have with a hybrid heat pump system, you can contact your utility provider or call ADA Heating and Air your local Central Kentucky heating and cooling company. We can provide you with a cost analysis so you can compare the HVAC system you have with a new hybrid heat pump system. The amount of energy usage and costs you save might surprise you.

Benefits of Hybrid Heat Pump Systems

Comfort – heat pumps provide continual and consistent flow of air. The air is less stuffy in the winter. During cold weather the heat pump won’t blast warm air like the traditional furnace. Cooling air is also delivered in a consistent manner in the summer.
Energy Efficiency – Heat pumps are more economical to operate in moderate temperature. You can expect to save 30 to 50% in fuel expenses compared to traditional HVAC systems.
Reduces your carbon footprint – You will be using less of the world’s natural resources to heat and cool your home. Hybrid heating systems allow you to enjoy green technology while staying comfortable.

Installing A Hybrid Heating System

Your Central Kentucky HVAC contractor will be happy to help you choose the best heating and cooling system for your home. If you have access to the right utilities to take advantage of a hybrid heating system, your HVAC contractor will show you how this option might benefit you. As with other heating and cooling systems, you can increase your energy savings and comfort by installing a programmable thermostat and having well –sealed ductwork, doors and windows. If you have questions about the benefits of hybrid heat pump systems, call ADA Heating and Air and we’ll be happy to help.

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